"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old Year winds down, New Year to begin.

Today, is my most busy day of the year at work. I must make sure everything is correctly entered in the books for the entire year. So I will be very busy!

I am setting a goal to get my blog back on track! More info on recipes, gardens, animals, Bible chapters, and architecture. Also, more pictures and updates regarding life in our little apt!

There are many architecture finds in Chicago that will be explored in a future post.
For Today! I found these great pictures of the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) in Chicago.
Hope you enjoy them!

The day I visited the observation deck, was not this foggy, but it was kinda sprinkling so the view was not perfectly clear, but we could still see pretty good.

Struck by lightning, May 11, 2005 picture by Christopher Gazdic.

I love lightning pictures don't you?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Do You Have a Cold or Flu?

I did! But I am better now!
What to do when you can't slow down, but must take care of yourself?

Go to the nearest Taco Shop.
(The hole in the wall kind where all our Hispanic friends frequent)

Order a big bowl or two or three, bowls of Pozole and take it home, pour it into a nice ceramic bowl and enjoy.
If you have a family, order enough for them too. Then relax, so you can function the next day.

The following day:

On your way home from work, stop off at a Thai restaurant.
Order the Tom Yum (Hot and Sour Soup)
This soup has chicken , lemon grass, cilantro, mushrooms and spicy chiles!
(Again, be sure to get enough to share with family)
Rest, so as to be able to function the next day.

By the third day, it you are feeling better,
make some homemade chicken soup!

Every nite before bed, smear Vicks VapoRub all over your chest and neck.

Take a half a dose of TyQuil and nite nite nite!
Rest as much as you can.
Don't do dishes until you are well.

This is what I did, and it seemed to work very well!
Hope you all stay happy and healthy!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Child Has Been Born to Us

Isaiah 9:6,7

Isaiah points to Jesus' birth and the role he would have in God's purpose as very significant! Yes, Jesus would become a mighty ruler. He would be called Prince of Peace, and there would be no end to peace or to his princely rule. This grand rulership would be sustained "by means of justice and by means of righteousness."

Please compare Isaiah's prophecy, to the words of the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary, "This one will be great and will be called Son of the Most High...And Jehovah God will give him the throne of David his father, and he will rule as king over the house of Jacob forever, and there will be no end of his kingdom." -Luke 1:32, 33

The main significance of Jesus' birth lay in the work that Christ would accomplish as the appointed King of God's Kingdom. Christ's rule can benefit all. In fact, the angels that sang to the shepherds showed that his birth would bring, "peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased."- Luke 2:14, Today's English Version

One way to show honor to Jesus is to continue reading his words, as recorded in the Bible. No doubt you have read Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount, recorded at Matthew 5:3-7:27.

This is a good time to refresh our memory of these words of Jesus. As you read, imagine you are there among the crowd of people, perhaps you like many others have traveled a great distance and are now on the mountainside eager to hear Jesus speak. First, Jesus begins by healing all in attendance, when each one is free of pain and illness, he sits down and begins to teach. To give weight to his teachings, he does not point to Jewish oral traditions nor to any well-known Jewish rabbis. Instead he repeatedly quotes from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). The message he presents is straightforward, his wording simple, his meaning clear. When he is finished the crowd is astounded! They have just listened to the wisest man who ever lived! -Matthew 7:28, 29

My dear family who I love! Continue to build up your knowledge of Christ Jesus, reading the eyewitness accounts of Jesus life and message as recorded in your own Bible, for in Jesus are "all the treasures of wisdom"-Colossians 2:3. (compare: John 17:3)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Birth to Remember!

"For there has been a child born to us, there has been a son given to us; and the princely rule will come upon his shoulder. And his name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace." -Isaiah 9:6

"To the abundance of the princely rule and to peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom in order to establish it firmly and to sustain it by means of justice and by means of righteousness, from now on and to time indefinite. The very zeal of Jehovah of armies will do this." -Isaiah 9:7

How should Jesus Christ be remembered? What do you think?


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow on the Mountains!

Beautiful! Cold! Invigorating!

What to do with Snow... ????

Build a Snowman!

It is more work than you think!

So, get some friends to help, then have a game of cards!

Happy! Happy!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We are very Sad.

Dennis mother died on Friday morning.
Will post more later.
Funeral will be in Globe on Friday the 4th of Dec.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Genesis chapter 19-

Jehovah Protects the Righteous

What can we learn about God, through His dealings with Lot?

Lot chose to live in the District of Sodom and Gomorrah, even though it had begun to have a reputation as an immoral city. It was a very comfortable and wealthy city. Outward appearances proved to be deceptive, as this move put Lot and his family in spiritual danger. It was difficult for them to live among the immoral people in Sodom. (2 Peter 2:7,8)

Abraham had three angels visit him, now in chapter 19 we see that two of those angels traveled on to Sodom. Lot who was sitting at the gate extends hospitality to them. Lot is insistent on them coming into his house to stay the night. No doubt because of the badness of the town, especially after dark. Sure enough, as darkness comes a mob calls out to Lot saying they want him to bring out the men that are visiting with him. Notice why in verse 5. They are wanting to have immoral sexual relations with them! (Gen 19: 1-5)

According to the Oriental code, it was the host's responsibility to protect the guests in his home, defending them even to the point of death if necessary. Lot bravely went out to the mob, closed the door behind him, and faced them alone. By the time he offered his daughters, Lot likely realized that his messengers were from God, and he may have reasoned that God could protect his daughters as He had protected his aunt Sarah in Egypt. (Gen 12:17-20; 19:6-11)

Lot warns his son-in-laws to be, but they think he is crazy and just laugh at him. The angels become urgent, yet Lot kept lingering, and the angels almost had to drag him and his family out of the city of Sodom. (Gen 19:12-17) Next, we see an example of Jehovah showing honor to imperfect Lot. God had told Lot to flee to the mountainous region, however, Lot said that he did not want to go there; he preferred Zoar, although this city was in the area that was to be destroyed. In verse 21 we read Jehovah's answer to Lot's request, "Here I do show you consideration to this extent also, by my not overthrowing the city of which you have spoken. Hurry! Escape there, because I am not able to do a thing until your arriving there!"
(Gen 19:18-22)

Lot's wife made it all the way to Zoar safely, then she looked back longingly at what she had left behind. What losses Lot and his daughters had! The girls had to leave behind men they were to marry. Lot lost his wife and all his wealth. (Gen 19:23-26) What had originally looked good from man's viewpoint turned out to be just the opposite. Even though Lot made serious mistakes, He was later described as righteous. (2 Peter 2:7,8) Like Lot, we too can make bad choices. Jehovah sees our mistakes, but he knows those who have a heart inclined to righteousness. Even if we sin seriously but are repentant from the heart, Jehovah provides forgiveness and help.
-Ps 103:10-14

Abraham also experienced honor from Jehovah, in that Jehovah took his feelings into account concerning his nephew Lot. (Gen 19:27-29)

After reading the remaining verses of Genesis chapter 19 we may ask: "Did Jehovah condone Lot's getting drunk and fathering sons by his two daughters?"

Jehovah condones neither incest nor drunkenness (Leviticus 18:6,7, 29; 1 Corithians 6:9,10) Lot actually deplored the "lawless deeds" of Sodom's inhabitants. (2 Peter 2:6-8) The very fact that Lot's daughters got him intoxicated suggests that they knew he would not consent to having sexual relations with them while he was sober. But as aliens in the land, his daughters felt that this was the only way to prevent the extinction of Lot's family. The account is in the Bible to reveal the relationship of the Moabites (through Moab) and the Ammonites (through Benammi) to Abraham's descendants, the Israelites.- (Gen 19:30-38) It could be noted that Jehovah lovingly teaches his servants progressively, Lot and his daughters did not have the law from Moses, though they did have their God-given conscience. Also, some influence from living in Sodom may have affected the daughters conscience, along with the desperate feeling of not being able to produce heirs. They chose to lean on their own understanding instead of trusting that God would provide for them.

What points about God's thinking and personality did you learn from this Bible account?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trees from California

I especially Love!

This is a Mimosa Tree! I have several in my yard.
The hummingbirds Love them!
I can sit on my porch and look at the tops of the trees
and watch the hummingbirds dart around.

This Liquid Amber can grow VERY Tall
It gives alot of shade in the summer
and as you can see, it is beautiful in Autumn!
I would like to plant some of these.

A Jacaranda in the Spring time!
They really are breath taking
especially when a neighborhood street is lined with them.
They too are very refreshing in summer
providing shade

Close up of the Jacaranda flowers.

There are soooo many more trees that I love
I haven't even begun to name the fruit trees
and other flowering trees.
Maybe sometime in the future another post ....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arizona Trees

I love

When we first moved to Arizona I was mesmerized by the tall palm trees!

I would look at them for hours, so different than trees with many branches.

Palo Verde trees are beautiful to me.

Providing refreshing shade in the hot desert.

The yellow spring flowers are beautiful. Yes, it's true the thorns are sharp,

but it is a Desert plant after all.

There was a VERY Tall Eucalyptus tree in Tempe,

it grew over a small irrigation canal.

Some neighbor kids had nailed some boards to the trunk.

If you dared to claim around the trunk and to the top,

then you would be rewarded with a platform to sit on and an inspiring view.

(Now to gather courage, for the climb down)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Trees I have loved!

This is a sugar Maple tree
The Maple tree I remember
was one in front of Aunt Doreen's house

This is a White Oak Tree
I used to climb the ones in the woods
on Hemlock street in Gary.
They were really tall!

Blue Spruce trees
have the best color!
Aunt Doreen had one in her front yard.
Nancy has one Now!

The Regal Cottonwood
Beautiful in the fall
bear in the winter
Cotton falling in the spring
Refreshing in the summer.

Just like Grams said.
Grandma and Grandpa had one in the back yard.
In East Chicago.

There are sooo many trees that I love. These were in Indiana, but I also grew to love trees in Arizona and then in California too. These I will save for another post on another day.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves and Emperor Geese

Bright, beautiful, and Bold

Autumn Leaves oil painting
Leonard Koscianski

Why do leaves change colors?

Friday, October 16, 2009

My third suit from Little India

I Really am enjoying these comfortable suits.

Next time I go to Little India, I will try a sari!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nothing Better Then Family!

Feeling loved!~
I appreciated very much having my Aunt Joanie and cousin Patti
share their time with me!
My only regret is the time was too short!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remember, My wannabe scribe friend?

...she writes! She wants to eventually be a published writer of Kid's Books. I thought if any of you blog readers out there are interested in books, (and I know some of you are) you may want to drop by her blog and visit. Shannon likes to be in the know regarding up and coming writers, new books and book events.

Yes, she can draw too! This is one drawing she has posted on her blog, along with some others you may want to check out. And.....

She has a contest going on right now for all you bloggers out there. Please take a moment, drop in her blogspot and see what she is up to. You may even decide to be a follower.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Family Pictures

Hope you enjoy these pictures!

(To see what happens when the sun goes down, be sure to see the two previous posts!)

Sun Goes Down

And the Fun Begins!
with Glasses

And her Chandelier

Looking Sinister!

With Fairy Wings!

Dennis and Desmen
Dragon Breath!

Big Dog!

Giving the Evil eye!

Dillion andDaniel
Spinning Colors!

More nite time fun!

Dale and Sheena
Our Love Birds

Blowing you a kiss!

With the Mexican Stare

Standing very still

Dancing with lights

Big Daddy